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About J.P.

Hello there!  My name is J.P. Dennis (Full name:  John Preston Dennis)  I am a composer and songwriter that lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  I started my musical training when I was a teenager.  I played saxophone in the Rockwood High School Band.  I also took piano lessons and did drum major my senior year in 2006.  The War of Fantasia for Concert Band (2006/2007) was my first published work and has been performed a few times around the U.S.

My most current (2017-2020) projects includes several compositions for piano.  (Check out the Recordings page.  Thank you!)


  • Finalist in the 2006 Central Florida Young Composer Challenge  (The War of Fantasia)  Hosted by the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra. (Youth Symphony)
  • Scholarship to the 2006 Brevard Music Center summer institute and festival.  (Studying composition under Robert Adridge and Robert Palmer.)
  • John Philip Sousa Band Award
  • Eagle Scout
  • 1st Place - Roane State Community College Academic Festival (2006) for the piano performance of Sonata in C# Minor, Mov. III - "Fury"
  • 2nd Place - Roane State Community College Academic Festival (2006) for the piano performance of Majestuoso.

Currently taking private composition lessons with Brent Milam from Georgia State University.  (2019-Present)

If you have any questions or comments, please send an e-mail to .  Thank you!

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Special Thanks!!

I would like to thank the following people for their support on my music career:

  • Roberta Dennis (A.K.A. Mom ... My #1 Fan)
  • Chris Metcalfe (My high school band director who encouraged me write music for band.)
  • Tina Pemberton (My first piano teacher that encouraged me follow my passion of composing)
  • Glen & Mary Urban (For helping me learn the value of hard work)
  • Brent Milam (For helping me dive deeper into music theory and composition)
  • Greg Danner (My Tennessee Tech composition instructor)
  • Dr. Godes (For helping my piano technique and giving me a push)
  • McCall Bohanan (For helping me shine as a soloist on sax and performing my work)
  • My Family and Friends (For coming to my performances and funding my work)
  • Eric Cromwell (For supporting my career by funding and making my first album Themes for Future Films available to online distributors (iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, etc.) and making it possible to purchase my new Yamaha U1 piano!)
  • For the organizations I have been blessed to play with including the Rockwood High School Concert and Marching Bands, Roane State Community College, Tennessee Tech Bands and Choir, Babahatchie Community Band, Atlanta Freedom Band, Georgia State University Perimeter Community Wind Ensemble, and the Georgia State University Perimeter Chorus.