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J.P. Dennis


Original Compositions

The following recordings have a mixture of different themes and ensembles.  While many of these recordings are standard classical ensembles (such as orchestra, concert band, solo piano, and small ensemble), most of them have themes and ideas that are meant for film, Broadway, and even popular radio.  Please enjoy!

Please Note - The first set of songs are mastered recordings available for sale via digital download.  (Free audio samples).  The second set of songs [see SoundClick wigit at the bottom of the page] is music from Big Butha - The Musical!  Click here for available sheet music.

Big Burtha - The Musical!

In 2011, John began extensive work on his first musical, The Frog Prince.  (Later to be renamed Big Burtha - The Musical!)  Click on the player below to hear short samples from the February 6, 2011 recording session.  Produced by Cody Hazelwood.  The first public performance of selections from the musical were performed at Roane State Community College on April 29, 2011 and May 1, 2011 under the direction of Brenda Luggie.  The first performance is now available on YouTube and can be view at the bottom of this page!

Live Performance of Big Burtha - The Musical!  (Originally called The Frog Prince)